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Since You’ve Been Gone: Can you miss a fictional character?

The break up is still pretty fresh and without crossing that threshold into TMI, I discovered that the ex-boyfriend was lying to me every day about damn near everything. Still, my silly, stupid heart misses him. But that can’t possibly be true because I don’t think I ever knew the real him. In essence what […]

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Tiramisu: Mass Effect 3 Replay-worthy

Halfway through Mass Effect 3, I knew I was going to playthrough twice. Maybe even more than twice. The game is such a pleasure to play, I couldn’t stand to leave Commander Shepherd’s world just yet. And okay, I’ll admit, I’ve got a bit of a crush on Garrus. The general movement mechanics and combat […]

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Saving Myself (and maybe the world), One Game at a Time

The beautiful thing about Mass Effect Legendary Edition is that you get to play all three Mass Effect masterpieces without delay, without having to wait years between installments. Kind of like binging on shows on Netflix, you get the big picture all at once. It is stunning how the story across all three games weaves […]

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