Definition of Insanity

Yes, I\’m playing Far Cry 3 today as the first of PlayStation\’s Insanity bundle. Aptly named since we all know–even Vaas– that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over expecting a different result.

I\’ve been on an Ubisoft kick lately. I finally finished WATCH DOGS 2 in preparation for WATCH DOGS: LEGION coming October 29th. So yeah, I\’ve been repeating the same formula over and over. The testament to my sanity is, however, I do not expect a different outcome. Ubisoft is the McDonald\’s of video games, no more no less. Approaching yet another of their churned out franchises expecting nothing more than a quick hit of violence, mayhem, buggy mechanics, and ambitious concepts that aren\’t quite fully baked, I\’m not at all disappointed with the Far Cry franchise thus far.
That being said, I still have 2 more games in the series to get through and if reviews are anything to go on, I\’ve started with the cream of the crop. It goes from GOTY Far Cry 3 to a tepid 7 on IGN for Far Cry 5. Far Cry 4 lands somewhere in the middle. So it might be that I\’ve signed up for a downward spiral, but hey, it\’s still something to keep me busy and out trouble so the games will have served their primary purpose regardless of overall quality.
SPOILER and side note: Anyone else find it suss that Jason was tripping balls when he supposedly killed Vaas? I\’m of the school of though that if you didn\’t see the body and have actual verification of death then the villain isn\’t dead. And it seems Citra is merely brainwashing Jason with drugs and pussy, but to what end? My guess is to rid her island of Hoyt. We shall see.

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