Why Am I Following the Crazy B!t¢h with a Necklace Made of Ears?

Okay, maybe it\’s cuz I just finished The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan that I question Takkar\’s choice at the beginning of FAR CRY PRIMAL, but honestly I think it\’s just common sense NOT to follow a lady with a necklace made of human ears. Then again, I am playing yet another Ubisoft game so common sense doesn\’t really apply.

Given yet another postponing of Cyberpunk 2077\’s release date, I\’m looking for games to feed my addiction. Loved PROTOTYPE 2, but it only took a day and a half to finish. Liked INFAMOUS: SECOND SON until the third time I had to fight that freaking concrete lady, but still the game took a day to almost beat. And MAN OF MEDAN took less than a day to burn through.
So, yeah…I find myself tagging along after some crazy b!tch with a human ear necklace. What\’s a gal to do when she\’s nothing else to play? I don\’t plan on getting WATCH DOGS LEGION unless the BF says it\’s totally worth it and November 10th is almost two weeks away. Not to mention WDL and ASSASSIN\’S CREED VALHALLA are both (say it with me) Ubisoft titles. Say what you will about Ubisoft, they are nothing if not prolific.

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