My Quirky Memorial Day Tribute

Happy Memorial Day weekend, y’all!

It’s a chilly 57 degrees here in the mountains and it’s overcast. Meh… who needs vitamin D anyway? Got big plans for this weekend? So do I.

I’m still nursing a wounded heart and trying to figure out how to muddle through the anniversary of my father’s death which is tomorrow. In some strange way, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition seems the perfect solution.

First let me thank the members of the military both past and present and their families. The sacrifices these men and women make are immeasurable. On Monday, we honor the fallen and this hits very close to home for me.

I’m a proud Marine brat. Just so happens the main character, John or Jane Shepherd (depending on your choice) is a Marine. My father spent thirty-two years in the Corps, oohrah! And though he didn’t understand my obsession with video games, he supported me as always. My PS4 slim was the last present he gave me before his passing.

As for the heartache, with three games in this bundle, I should be thoroughly distracted which is what I want and need at the moment.

I’m somewhat new to this franchise. I played Mass Effect: Andromeda earlier in the year. Unfortunately, the first three titles came out during my responsible adult phase so I never got to experience them in their original form. According to Gameranx, Before You Buy that might be a good thing.

As with all reboots, there are the purists who take exception to the new elements added to old favorites. I’m no exception; don’t get me started on The Grinch remake that came out in 2000. With that in mind, I understand that there will always be folks who like the classic look and feel of the original.

I, however, do not have such bias so I found myself immediately sucked in. I’ve no doubt the franchise will live up to its reputation and keep me on the good side of sanity.

Playing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition now? Did you play the original? Leave me your thoughts and favorite moments in the comments. Got something else awesome cooking for Memorial Day? Share those with me as well! And don’t forget to follow, please.

5 thoughts on “My Quirky Memorial Day Tribute

  1. What’s 57 degrees in celsius? I haven’t play any of the Mass Effect games, not sure why, I use to be an avid gamer until the PS4 came out. The PS4 killed my love of gaming with games that were carbon copies of the previous generation, just with slightly better graphics

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    1. 13.9 degrees Celsius. I hear ya! They’re doing the same thing with the PS5. One reason I used to play Xbox was the backwards compatibility so you didn’t have to re-buy your entire library. Unfortunately they’re chipping away at that as well. Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. Cindy! Jonathan here.

    So you’re a console gamer. I couldn’t keep to that.. yes, I played Atari 2600 way back in the day, but my Boomer parents decided there would be NO consoles after that, period. So computer gaming it was, ever since then- with a short side of renting consoles once I was independent- yes, renting- long story.

    And because I couldn’t afford a Windows license after a time- I went to the very narrow world of Linux gaming. I got into arcade emulation in-between this time- and then Debian/Ubuntu rather broke M.A.M.E. (to a FUBAR state, IMHO). And then because of chronic pain, I switched to gaming on fairly anemic Android tablets. Again, my gaming experience is shaped by my lack of $$$.. looking at the comments above.. oy oy vey. Consoles that cost up to $500, with games costing $50-$60 each? See, when I’ve gotten games on G.O.G. or Steam, or Walfart bargain bin- my budget was more $5-$10 per game.

    I am not military, and most of my family of origin isn’t, either. My late maternal grandfather was USMC and my late father-in-law was Navy. If you meet Refiner Morgan- she was Navy. That said, do not get me started on my opinions of the Armed Forces, lololol. If ever I was to be up to snuff for any of them, I probably would pick Air Force, but I suspect my mental health issues likely would have broke me even in that branch.


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