One of Those Nights: RDR2 Online

Last night was “one of those nights,” but finally in a good way. For some reason, I’ve had a little gamer ADHD, bouncing from game to game unable to focus for a couple hours. Aside from leaving me with way too much time on my hands for my more self-destructive tendencies, it’s also difficult to post about gaming if I’m not freakin’ gaming.

Couldn’t figure out what the issue was. The quality of the games? No, couldn’t be because I alternated between Biomutant, Red Dead Redemption 2, and The Witcher 3. One very good game and two masterpieces. Maybe outside stress? Well, considering I usually handle difficult situations by diving into a game, I doubt it. There’s a slight chance my dopamine needs were being handled elsewhere, but that’s another post for another day.

I never did figure out what went wrong the past few days. And I don’t know what stars aligned last night when I opened Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. When I broke off from other writing projects to jump on the PS4, Biomutant had an update file downloading. Time to mess around on RDR2 because I’m not about to spend the downtime doing something adult like battling dust bunnies or folding laundry. Heavens no!

The warm up was a bit slow, but as soon as I completed my first Legendary Bounty for the evening– flick shot game stong and headshots abounding–the adrenaline hit my bloodstream. I accepted right then and there it was going to be a long night. A joyous, long night of completing unrealistic solo battles, leveling up not once but twice, and generally getting in the groove.

I turned on the PlayStation around 10pm, I finally crawled into bed around 6am. Irresponsible? Yes. Oh so needed? Oh hell yeah. And technically it wasn’t all that irresponsible. At the moment, I have my life set up so I don’t have a whole lot of grown-up stuff to do. And yes, that’s another post, too. I did say this was my mid-life crisis.

But what falls into place when your A-game bubbles to the surface? Is it a special blend of focus and hand-eye coordination? Or maybe it’s a mood thing? Perhaps it’s a combination of all that. I don’t really know what clicks into place. I can say this: no matter the cause, for a gamer, there’s nothing more intoxicating than hitting that perfect storm, then hitting the bunk, bleary-eyed. Which is what I’m fixing to do again because I’ve still only had about three hours of sleep. (See, I’m a little responsible. I got up to post.)

I’d love to hear what makes your perfect gaming night (or day). As always, all comments, likes, and follows returned. All right, nap time!

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