The Tao of Biomutant

Hands down, Biomutant has the best writing of any game released in 2021. Yes, there’s silly stuff such as “Riding a googlide helps keep you goo free.” Or “Your ears just pooped.” Which is also part of the game’s charm.

But some of the narrator’s lines are so profound, I just sat and pondered them for a bit before I went on playing. It might have been the perfect game at the perfect time in my life. I’ve been struggling with so much trauma. I’m starting to heal, but it’s a daily struggle, one this beautiful, quirky little game has made easier.

My favorite wisdom-y-est lines from Biomutant:

All gameplay captured on PlayStation 4, Biomutant

Stories keep moving whether you drive them or not

Tracks are like the paths our lives take and you must deal with the outcome, even if you didn’t lay them yourself.

Control your destiny, or someone else will

What you do here matters–to you and the world.

Heroes are only heroes for others, but they do the work or they’re heroes to no one.

Whatever happens to the world, you shone as bright as you could. That matters more than you know.

History is like the trail you’ve been on, you can walk back down it anytime you like, until it’s worn smooth. But you get to blaze your own trail from here.

Fate is for those too weak to determine their own destiny and now is the time to face yours.

Don’t flinch away from this. It’s your moment. You need to focus.

If a story is about you, care for it.

We all share the same destiny: destruction or survival.

Life is a difficult game no matter how you play it.

We’re all heroes of our own stories. Or so we hope.

We all have things in our last we wish hadn’t happened and can come to remember seeing and doing things that never happened.

Whatever you do, do it right, or don’t do it at all.

What you do for yourself dies with you, what you do for your kin remains and makes you immortal in their memory.

We are lonesome animals who spend our whole lives trying to be less lonesome

Your destiny waits on the path you’ll take to avoid it.

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