Death, Depression, and Destiny

Photo credit: Destiny 2 promo release, Bungie

Fun blog title…I know. But let’s face it, I’m not the only one who’s lost enough people in past two years to fill a Titanic lifeboat. Oddly, most of them didn’t die of COVID-19. Many passed away because of old age and its related ailments and one beautiful child…well, because, to quote Depeche Mode’s Blasphemous Rumors, I think that God’s got a sick sense of humor. I suppose when I die, I do expect to find him laughing.

All this loss strips away the joy of what it means to be human and I gotta say, I didn’t handle it particularly well. I did what I always do. Instead of writing, talking to those around me who love me, or anything else remotely healthy, I shoved all the pain and anger and fear as far down as I could, went to work, came home, gamed, ate a little, and slept. I did what was expected of me and little else. I know, I know. I do know better than that. I mean, if you read through my other blog posts from 2020 and early 2021, you’ll see I’ve been here before. I don’t know why I can’t internalize the definition of insanity, which we all know is repeating the same action over and over again, expecting a different result.

And as part of my cycle of self-destruction, I threw myself into a game. No, not Red Dead Online. RDO been a dismal disappointment this winter which is a whole other heartbreak. That said, Charles and I did enjoy the holiday Calls to Arms. And I do kinda miss them now that their gone. Hanging Dog Ranch was a pain in the a$$. But I’m getting off topic.

Destiny 2 happened to be the game that got me through this latest bout of depression. I’d never played it before last December. IKR?! Sad, but true. I didn’t expect to like it. I’m not really a fan of MMOs. But this one has a bit of charm to it and it sates the latent fortune hunter with the abundance of loot. Glorious legendary and epic loot! Helmets, robes (my main character’s a warlock), swords, boots, class items, and guns….oh the sweet, violent, satisying, Fallen-mowing, Taken-dissolving, Cabal-exploding, Vex-felling (I promise that’s the last compound adjective) guns.

In addition to the gorgeous array of firearms, each victory makes your character a little bit stronger. There’s something that feeds the soul about going from level 1100 to 1330+. Perhaps it’s the sense of control and progress that’s often lacking from real life, but that can be found in this simple FPS MMO.

Granted, it does fall into the trap that most “free to download” games do. Yes, there’s a lot of content that is free, but the really good stuff is locked behind DLC that can hit the pocketbook pretty hard, especially when purchased all at once. Fortunately, my loving man got me the first two DLCs (Forsaken and Shadowkeep) as a Christmas present so once I’d burned through those, Beyond Light wasn’t too costly to purchase.

With the Witch Queen release upon us, if you’ve never played Destiny 2 and you need something to alleviate the stircraziness of winter or (as was the case with me) a bout of the blues, I say jump in and game on!

2 thoughts on “Death, Depression, and Destiny

  1. I’m sorry you went through such a hard time! I was glad to see you back on Twitter! πŸ€—
    I got an anti-inflammatory injection in my right thumb base this morning, so hopefully the pain may reduce soon so I’ll be finally able to play that ESO game with you and Charles! We’ve been talking about it for so long now. 😊
    Wishing you all the best β™₯


  2. I hope the injection works, my friend! We definitely have to play ESO when you’re thumb is feeling better 😊 It seems like every time things get better for me, something else comes along and knocks me back down. But we are both strong and we can handle whatever life throws at us, right? Thanks so much for stopping by! Big hugs!


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