Gaming Blogs…Still Relevant?

Pic of me in a blue t-shirt holding my red Xbox controller

Lately I’m starting to think I’ve become a dinosaur. Does anyone read blogs about gaming anymore? There seems so much pressure to post videos on YouTube or stream on Twitch, but what’s an introvert like me to do?

The thought of talking to dozens of people live…okay, I’m flattering myself. No one would watch my stream. It’s not like I’m comfortable wearing low cut shirts and bouncing “accidentally” while I play. But let’s for argument’s sake say dozens of people tuned in, I’d freeze up. Unless I’m drunk, in which case the gaming would be $h!t. I choose to write because I need that distance from my audience. Don’t get me wrong, I love y’all, but you also scare me to death! Hi, I’m Cindy and I’m an ISFP. What that means in a nutshell is I have palaces built in my mind and I’d rather live in them alone than in the real world. You can check out what that means in depth right here 😉👉

Don’t get me wrong, I have dipped a toe in the swirling waters of Twitch with some friends and family. Check the feed below to see the disaster and yes…I was drunk so…yeah. It was really hard for me. I get so damn tense. And I hate the sound of my own voice. And it’s exhausting. The thought of doing that on my own is terrifying. Plus that’s a whole other mess of stuff to promote. I’m not even very good at promoting my own blog.

Twitch stream highlight courtesy of BeAStupidGamer

The biggest obstacle is simple: I’m a writer. Which brings me back to the original question? Does anyone read about gaming anymore? I do, especially guides when I’m stuck. I prefer how-to articles to videos because I can read faster than the video can play. I read reviews to see if I’ll like a game. Again, this is just more efficient to me than watching a fifteen minute video. And I do read op-ed pieces about gaming in general. But does anyone else?

I have a decent Twitter following that’s growing and inevitably I get the daily DM that asks what my Twitch schedule is or what my YouTube link is. When I reply I have a blog about gaming I can actually hear the pause on the other end of the conversation. Then they reply “Cool” or something equally as non-interested, lol. But blogging about gaming just makes sense to me. I love gaming and written words flow in my veins.

I started this blog because I was going through a rough patch in life. I continued pursuing it because of the conversations I had with some contractors remodeling my parents’ house. These middle-aged guys would chat with me for hours about Red Dead Online or Warframe or whatever story game I was no-lifing at the time. The general consensus was they wished the women in their lives enjoyed gaming. So I thought why not represent those grown up gamer girls, those of us bitten by the gaming bug in the 1980s and who remained gamer girls our whole lives. But will my voice ever be heard? Or am I just shouting into the whirlwind of obsolescence?

I suppose it doesn’t really matter because I love writing and I’ll never give it up. Perhaps I’ll try a more multimedia approach to my passion for gaming. Attach videos to my blog articles, give Audible a try so folks can listen to my insanity instead of having to read it. Make my presence known of different social media platforms. I suppose there are lots of ways to punch up just words.

But I love the plain old written…in case you couldn’t tell. 🥰

If I’ve entertained you or added some value to your day, wonderful! Please feel free to leave your thoughts, subscribe to my blog or hit me up on Twitter @cindyjacks. If you’d like to support my blog with donations you can do so at ko-fi or cash app $cindyjacksbooks. All donations to my online content are much appreciated, but definitely not required to keep coming back to visit! Game on, my friends!

11 thoughts on “Gaming Blogs…Still Relevant?

  1. Reading through this, it seems that you have a dilemma wondering if blogging is still a relevant outlet for expressing your love of gaming. I think you should do what makes you happy. Doesn’t matter if Twitch isn’t for you, or that you’re not on YouTube, or whatever. What matters is what fulfills that need in you to express creatively what you choose and the way you choose to do so. Some people paint. Other people take pictures… 😉 …While others write. Your art is writing, and your canvas is gaming. Whether it’s relevant or not to other people doesn’t really matter all that much. What matters is how it makes you feel, and how you express that feeling to others. This blogging about gaming is your art. And how you convey your art to others should be cathartic for you, and good enough for everyone else. If they don’t like it, they can go elsewhere. And you can keep chugging along with your love of the written word and gaming. 🙂
    Carpe diem… 😉

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    1. I appreciate the support so much. I suppose it doesn’t matter if anyone does read blogs anymore, or read at all, lol. Writing is what I’m good at so writing is what I shall do. Thanks so much for stopping by. And you should check out BeaStupidGamer on Twitch. He’s awesome 😆


  2. I always try to check on your posts, even though I’m more on Mastodon these days. 😊
    I try to share your gaming posts there and I also still write about gaming as well.
    I write mostly for myself, because I love it so much. Some people read my posts and that really gives me great pleasure knowing that.
    I still think there’s still people out there reading blogs. Not everyone is keen on those videos that seem so popular now.
    I’ll share this post on Mastodon again.
    Have a fabulous day 🌸.


      1. Hey thanks so much for passing this along. I was trying to make a mastodon account to reply but it said my email was already taken by another account. Weird? I’ll try it again this weekend. 😊

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      2. Ow weird! Maybe you made one before and forgot about it? Try a password recovery and see if that works. There’s a cool gaming server called that you may be interested in joining with! It would be awesome to see you there as I don’t use Twitter a lot anymore. Mastodon has no algorithm so all interactions feel more real, if that makes sense. 😊 I’ll definitely keep sharing your gaming posts with my ShareYourGames account there!

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  3. I don’t read much myself, but then again I never did! Not for a lack of interest, mind. But that just goes to show really: I don’t read much but here I am, reading. The written word is as relevant as it ever has been, so I suppose it’s the words that matter more than the distribution method. Your audience will grow, I’m sure.

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