Rockstar, Where’s My F@#king Fast Travel?

Dear Rockstar, Why do you continue to break my heart? Actually, it’s my fault because I continue to let you do it. -Sincerely, Cindy. As soon as weird sh!t started happening in free roam on Red Dead Online, like wave after wave of wolves spawning in places they don’t usually spawn, I knew the update […]

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The ESO Connection

Okay, how the f@#k have I not played this game until now? Actually, I do know why. MMORPGs aren’t my jam. Or at least I thought they weren’t. When I started gaming as a kid, it was a solo endeavor unless P2 sat in the same room with you and you had another controller. Positively […]

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White-Knighting…Let’s Talk about It

There’s nothing more irritating for a gamer girl than a male player who assumes she cannot take care of herself in-game simply because she’s female. But is that really what white-knighting is? I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong. Of course sexism exists in the world of gaming, just as it exists in every […]

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Keeping it 200: Red Dead Online

The goal is a waste of time. I know this. After level 100 on Red Dead Online you gain no more advantage from leveling up further. That’s it, all weapons, horses, clothing items, and abilities are unlocked by then. Okay, yes, every five levels you get a treasure map. Whooptie freaking doo. I’ve got more […]

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The Tao of Biomutant

Hands down, Biomutant has the best writing of any game released in 2021. Yes, there’s silly stuff such as “Riding a googlide helps keep you goo free.” Or “Your ears just pooped.” Which is also part of the game’s charm. But some of the narrator’s lines are so profound, I just sat and pondered them […]

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Avid Gamer vs. Gaming Addict

As I’m almost two years into my journey to embrace my long lost gamer girl self, I wonder is this behavior healthy? I stumbled across a blog post regarding gaming addiction and if I’m honest with myself, I fit *some* of the criteria. Not all of it. Does make me wonder though…are jokes I make […]

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What Do You Mean I Don’t Have Explosive Ammo? Red Dead Replay

Someone I care about very much told me he’d never played Red Dead Redemption 2, story mode…at least not all the way through. Well, that’s just not acceptable. Friends don’t let friends NOT play RDR2 story mode! After much gentle persuasion (like nagging him incessantly), he finally acquiesced and installed the game. Actually, I found […]

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One of Those Nights: RDR2 Online

Last night was “one of those nights,” but finally in a good way. For some reason, I’ve had a little gamer ADHD, bouncing from game to game unable to focus for a couple hours. Aside from leaving me with way too much time on my hands for my more self-destructive tendencies, it’s also difficult to […]

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