Co-op’ing with My Honey

Get your minds out of the gutter, LOL (or maybe it’s just me). I read the title out loud and it does sound kinda naughty. But no, not talking about private stuff. I’m talking about my second favorite thing to do after a long week of work: hopping on the XBox with the love of […]

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The Evil Day Job

Just about every content creator, writer, and artist I know will feel me when I say this: I’m so f@#king sick of my day job (or as I call it the EDJ for short). Don’t get me wrong. Most of the time I really like my job and I love the folks I work with. […]

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Grandma Gamer Girl

Gaming has always been a big part of my family life. My brother and I spent countless hours playing Pong or Tanks on the Atari. My cousins co-op’ed on Super Mario Bros when I’d bring my NES on visits. I carried on the tradition with my son. We burned through every child-appropriate title on the […]

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Two months ago, Rockstar Games announced there would be no more Red Dead Online updates. Those of you who know me, read this blog or follow me on Twitter (@cindyjacks) understand what a loss this is for me. Red Dead Redemption 2 is my favorite alternate reality. And the chance to create my own character […]

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Floundering in the Void

I’m irritated with myself. See, I started this blog as sort of my own therapy session and to talk about gaming. But lately I haven’t been blogging or writing at all. It’s not that I’m stress-free, far from it in fact. But I just don’t feel inspired. Part of the problem is I haven’t played […]

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Back with My X

Dear PlayStation Four, The past few years have been amazing and I’ve loved every moment we’ve shared together. You rekindled my love of gaming, got me through many, many hard times, and inspired me to start writing about our adventures together. Despite all we’ve shared, there’s an impediment to real growth our relationship. I’ve tried […]

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Too Sick and Tired to Game???

Not gonna lie, when woke up two weeks ago with a fever of 101.5 I was kinda happy. Bear with me, I’m not insane or a masochist (much 😅). I’m a gamer. And as much as I love my job, it’s put serious limitations on my gaming time. So, when I knew I’d have to […]

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Buggin’ Out: Dying Light 2 Stay Human

SOME SPOILERS INCLUDED IN THIS POST! You’ve been warned 😉 I wanted to love Dying Light 2: Stay Human like I loved the first one. And I did love the story because it’s a complex tale filled with difficult choices. Not to mention the choices really do affect your outcome at the end which reminded […]

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Death, Depression, and Destiny

Fun blog title…I know. But let’s face it, I’m not the only one who’s lost enough people in past two years to fill a Titanic lifeboat. Oddly, most of them didn’t die of COVID-19. Many passed away because of old age and its related ailments and one beautiful child…well, because, to quote Depeche Mode’s Blasphemous […]

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Why Does He Keep Losing His F*&king Gun?! Alan Wake Remastered

Early morning mist clings to the streetlights, sun still hiding behind the horizon. Sipping a cup of convenience store coffee that’s better than it should be and listening to love songs as I text my man, I feel at peace. That’s been a rare commodity these days. But one question circles in the back of […]

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