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Convalescing, part one So menopause…yeah. Yes, I know, not a topic traditionally talked about in gaming but f&%k it, it’s my blog and I’ll talk about OG gamer girl issues if I wanna. Hey, women my age are the fastest growing demographic in video gaming. So let’s talk about The Change. In my last post,…

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Laugh or Cry? I Choose Game

There’s an old saying, “It’s either laugh or cry so I choose to laugh.” And yes, given only those two choices, I’d choose laughter most days. But if I can write in another candidate, I’d choose gaming. To bastardize another cliché, when the going gets tough, I get gaming. And the going has been tough…

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Gaming Blogs…Still Relevant?

Lately I’m starting to think I’ve become a dinosaur. Does anyone read blogs about gaming anymore? There seems so much pressure to post videos on YouTube or stream on Twitch, but what’s an introvert like me to do? The thought of talking to dozens of people live…okay, I’m flattering myself. No one would watch my…

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