My Little Pony

One of the wonderful things about being a higher rank in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is a surplus of RDO$. Passive ability cards fully upgraded, explosive ammo pamphlets purchased and put to good use against griefers in the game, all pursuits seen through to rank twenty, and camp decked out with the rustic comforts a gal could want… What to buy, what to buy?

I’d already splurged on what was the finest horse in the game which required real life money to obtain. The Arabian and I, however, well, we never quite hit it off. I named her Artemis as she was to be my goddess of hunt. She’s fast, no doubt about it, the fastest horse in the game at the time I bought her and her handling is without compare even still…that is when she isn’t spooked by her own shadow. Fussy and prissy and given to flee at the slightest hint of danger, she was no goddess of the hunt.
So after a little research, I purchased Mercury, a Norfolk Roadster. He is big and beautiful and a lot less skittish than Artemis, but still not quite as brave as I would like.
Having heard good things about the Criollo, I purchased Hephaestus. Again very fast, a little braver but very tiny and strangely colored. Just not quite right, though a lovely horse indeed.
This brings me to my plumpy pony love: Bacchus. Bacchus is a Breton, a mixture of race and war horse, he is a wolf trampling, gator stomping, enemy battering hunk of greased lightning wrapped in beautiful bronze fur. No, I haven’t gone all Catherine the Great, but he is my plumpy little pony baby.
Well, actually, if Bacchus were a real horse he would stand 16 hands high and weigh a whopping 1700 pounds. So while I think of him as my little pony, he’s a rather large beast indeed.
You’ll hear all of the aforementioned horses proclaimed by different gamers as the best horse in the game. I think that’s because they are all fantastic breeds and the horse that will suit you best depends on your gaming style. My BF is a beast of a gamer with lightning quick reflexes so he makes full use of the Arabian’s elite handling. I on the other hand lack such gifts so I need a horse that makes up for my gamer shortcomings. Bacchus does just that. He is my partner in crime, my brother in battle, and my loyal protector in the face of danger. It’s no wonder we get along so well.

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